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We have been making and designing products for quite a while now. We have tested lot's of textile manufacturers and developed a great expertise in making outstanding products.

Over time several great companies that had the same values then us reached out to see if we could help them with their project. This is how we started doing some collaborations.

If you are looking for the following we would be glad to talk

Truly custom design

Most of the corporate products on the market are mainly cut and paste products, made in mass production. We actually develop the product from scratch, from the selection of the textile, the headband, the adjustable strap, the emblems ect..

Ethically made

You put a lot of effort and pride in your products and services and you want the caps you sell or give to your clients to represent that. Every product we developpe are made ethically, for exemple our caps are made in Canada by a family owned company.

High quality

If you offer high end product to your clients you have to do the same with all the product where you have your branding. We control all the aspects of a product to produce a very high quality product that will please your clients and respect your image.

You have time

We don't offer any allready made products. Everything is done from scratch. It obvously takes more time to make the kind of quality product we make. Calculate about 8 weeks once everthing is selected to make it all happen.

Making it easy

We take care of everything. You don't have to spend countless hours following up manufacturers, double proofing everything, managing the bad surprises or testing stuff. We will guide you all the way and manage everything for you. We will tell you if your emblem is going to come out right or not or even design it for you.

Service like you rarely see anymore

We only do collaborations with brand we like and take on project that interest us. So when we do it's like we are part of your team we work exctly like we would for our own products.

How it works

Contact us with your project we will give you more info on the colors avaialble, the type of emblems or embroidery possible, the adjustable straps you can use. Our minimum starts at 100 caps.

Previous collaboration
Auval brewing co

Auval came to us to make a cap for their summer boutique. They receive several visitors for beer tasting during the summer time and have a boutiques set up where they sell some souvenirs and branded items.

It was important for them to offer product that represented them. The fact that we made our caps ethcally and with sustainable fabrics represented values.

With the help of Auval manager and her graphic designer we came up with an old school concept. We used a printed felt emblem to match the details of their design and used recycled polyester and organic cotton fabric. The result was outstanding and the clients loved them. They even sold out before the end of the season.

Don't take our word for it


We had a super experience and we were very satified with the final product, we will defenatly order again for our next year.


Val d'espoir

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