All choices are important

It's easy to get lost in the terms used in eco-friendly fashion. Considered the 3rd most polluting industry on the planet, everyone agrees that the fashion industry needs to make a shift. At Canada Beast, we evaluate the choice of fibres and materials according to several criterias: place of production, comfort, durability, quality and environmental footprint.

The fabrics

Merinos wool

Incredible fabrics given by nature

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Organic Cotton

Great for so many reasons

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Recycled polyester

We need to act and recycle more

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Because the following has to change

Fashion 3rd most polluting industry 10% of global carbon emissions
water pollution by the textile industry
22% of the chemical are used for the textile industry
Waste stats in the textile industry

You can be a change maker

When you choose a responsibly made garment, you promote transparency, environmental responsibility and change in the way clothes are produced.