Organic cotton Black hoodie
premium 100 % organic cotton

At Canada Beast, we believe we should accelerate our transition to a more sustainable future by creating high-quality clothing that is ethically produced at fair prices.

So we are proud to propose to you this small collections of premium apparels made with 100 % Organic Cotton.

We understand it's a commitment for you to buy an apparel that you know nothing about, so let's hear some that already bought form us.

Customer Reviews


They fit and feel great !


I love the way they fit me they're really comfortable and do make me look great

Joseph F.

Been looking for a good hoodie for a long time this one just fill all the boxes, great weight, great fit and breathable. Love it


Great craftsmanship this is a superb piece


The quality material and the sturdy construction is apparent right out of the packaging.


Perhaps you might find our Custom Corporate Order Program more intriguing?

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