High-quality classics designed responsibly and built to last

What we are all about

At Canada Beast, we design timeless wardrobe classics in the hope they will become your everyday go-to for years to come. We believe in creating less while restoring the appreciation of high-quality craftsmanship and the hands of the people that make it all happen. Doing all that with transparency and sustainability

The journey

We started the business with an open mind, challenging ourselves to do things better. The goal was to find how we could have a real impact

Why we do what we do

What we found
A Fashion industry going in the wrong direction

It’s no secret the fashion industry has taken a strange path in the past decade. The industry is producing 400% more clothes than 20 years ago and clothes have become disposable items. In fact, the equivalent of 1 garbage truck of textile is wasted every second.  More than 60% of the clothes bought are thrown away before a year of usage. The smoke and mirror of fast fashion. To find out more take a look at our article on

Our initial conclusion

The last thing the world needs is another fashion brand that creates more clothing, offers constant ever-changing collections to only pack wardrobes and landfills.

In fact, our definition of progress is less clothing, of better quality, so in a way going back to basics, putting craftsmanship, sustainability, and customer satisfaction first.

We associate with the best

We partner with some of the best factories in the world that have the same obsession as us, creating outstanding products ethically.

We pick one product and get to work to make it a stellar piece, we rethinking every small technical aspect of it.

Our goal: Creates go-to pieces that you will be glad to wear over and over again.

Quality textile manufacturing sewing machine
Organic Canvas Cotton cap

It is all about protecting our place. We only have one world to care for. We are committed to selecting the best quality fabrics that respect the environment.

This will help lower water usage, get rid of chemicals and pesticides which harm workers and leach into the rivers. It’s going to take some time to make our world change but we hope you join us.

The hardest part was to find a way to pack all of those great things together while keeping them accessible. So we decided to cut the middleman and offer them directly to you.

Making a difference

After 7 years in the textile industry, I was looking for a new challenge, something different, something that would have a great impact on the world around me. This is when I had the opportunity to move to Paris, disrupt the routine, and see things differently. In the past 3 years, I had the chance to meet with many designers, manufacturers, and actors in the fashion industry. Those meetings slowly shaped the vision of what Canada Beast could bring to people. 

Canada Beast story

Our beliefs

We are among the believers that there is a more sustainable way of doing things, that a change needs to happen before we affect our planet even more. We believe that the clothes people wear should reflect their personality, not only in their looks but in the way they are made.

Our purpose, Is to have a positive impact by being transparent, sharing our knowledge, and offering an honest alternative to people that want things to change

How we do that?

By going back to the basics; placing craftmanship, the environment, and people first in everything we do